Hello (again) World

I decided it was time for me to re-establish my personal blog so I can have segmentation from other content I might publish around the internet.  So over the next month I'll be starting to focus on content that I want to share and kickstarting this site back into action.

The previous blog content went offline a few months ago, but to be fair I had not posted anything fresh in years, so I don't think there will be any loss.  I figured I would try a different content platform this time.  This way I can focus on content and not the infrastructure of the service hosting the content.   As I am sure there will be a theme of software as a service (SAAS) in much of my posts,  it makes sense that I am using such services to provide that content.

I look forward to blogging again, and hopefully I'll share content that will help others or at least find interesting!

Jef Kazimer

Jef Kazimer

Chicago, IL